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psudonym, Oct 06, 2010, 09 pm

Art week continues! Err... I suppose I shoulda mentioned it'd be art week. Well, now you know!

Anycase, I believe I also shoulda mentioned I'm making a trip out to NYCC. Not exhibiting, mind ya. Takin' in the sights for myself, as well as making sure to see some cool people and whatnot. Busy busy busy.

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Mangaka_Yuki, Oct 06, 2010, 10 pm

Ooh, another amazing one! I have "favorites" in this comic ;)

GabrielsThoughts, Oct 06, 2010, 10 pm

Answer: powerful white men with with too much time on their hands. It doesn't really help farmers, as they get up with the sun. so it was really a way for authorities to establish control over everyone.

Profanity00, Oct 06, 2010, 10 pm

Omigosh! That piece is by Picasso! My father made a replica of it and it's hanging in our basement. :P

And haha! We should totally keep with the theme and give those guys the "Wtf face" from the question duck LOL!

KyledKat, Oct 06, 2010, 11 pm

"Three Musicians"
I love that piece. :)

Jo (Guest), Oct 06, 2010, 11 pm

Heh, Gabriel ... tinfoil hat much?

It was Sandford Fleming (thank you, Canadian Heritage commercials!), and it was orignally used by the rail companies to sync up train schedules across the continent.

IamBlair, Oct 06, 2010, 11 pm

Also it would be really inconvenient if it was say "Midnight" in the middle of the day for some countries. It's just so useful to have time zones!
Also why is it relevant that they were "powerful WHITE men"? Would it have been better if a man of another color of skin invented it? Racist much?

sbdrag, Oct 07, 2010, 05 am

i heard it was ben franklin

cqclegoman, Oct 07, 2010, 10 am

I'm pretty sure it was train drivers.

They needed time zones to keep their trains on schedule.

FlyingMonkey, Oct 07, 2010, 11 am

Actually Ben Franklin came up with "Daylight Savings." I doubt he had anything to do with time zones.
Never the less, I think claiming that time zones are a tool to control the peoples of the world is a ignorant paranoia. It only makes since that since we tell time by the Sun that the time in different areas of the Earth should also change with the Sun. The Sun is visible at different times as corresponding to the rotation of the Earth. Therefor, it seems like a helpful tool. Not some controlling system put in place by "powerful white men."

WalkinOnAirx3 (Guest), Oct 07, 2010, 03 pm

Time zones were created by people who onwened a railroad company since they needed them to see what time theyll getr ther, i just learned about this from Charlie Brown Lmfaooo

MasterComic, Oct 15, 2010, 05 pm

FLYINGMONKEY, Ben Franklin actually didn't come up with daylight savings, but he was toying with the idea.

The idea of timezones came around when trains moved to fast to change what time it was when they entered a new place, so (someone)came up with the idea for an organized way to keep track of time when traveling.

Asaryn, Nov 07, 2010, 02 pm

With railways and telecommunications improving, a more consistent method was needed for defining what time it was around the world. Timezones are based upon Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) or 0 degrees longitude.

Sirack, Nov 05, 2011, 11 am

I'm amazed at the places that let this guy in with a duck on his head. lol :)

Charlotte057, Jun 29, 2014, 02 pm

Some meanie that wanted to complicate everything ever.

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