posted on Oct 21, 2010, 09 pm

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Immer, Oct 21, 2010, 09 pm

Yes. Yes it did.

See: Manu Ginobili

Kellysterhabit, Oct 22, 2010, 12 am

I agree...

With the above statement. *curses the Spurs*

jthmlover8, Oct 22, 2010, 05 pm

i... couldnt tell you. im canadian, and i dont even follow HOKEY. (is a failure canandian)

Thrudd, Feb 09, 2011, 11 am

Don't feel so bad since the real Canadian sport is Lacrosse. ^_~

Its a wonder the states hasn't picked it up since it has everything they like - big score numbers, fast action, violence, people running around with sticks that can break bones, athletes who party. Down side is that girls also play it.

Free Glass (Guest), May 09, 2011, 12 pm

Well it did ruin football...

...A bit.

Unclever title, Aug 21, 2012, 08 am

I'm trying to fly a kite, Question Duck.

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