posted on Oct 27, 2010, 10 pm

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psudonym, Oct 27, 2010, 10 pm

Whew! Just barely made it in time!

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Hexaditidom, Oct 27, 2010, 11 pm

Because I already won them all

tezzle, Oct 27, 2010, 11 pm

I think more people would strive for Nobel Prizes if they also got a replica of it made of solid chocolate.

My name is Morgan, Oct 27, 2010, 11 pm

Why is that mailbox in the middle of the woods?

TAR0T, Oct 27, 2010, 11 pm

No love for the Math geeks.

My bet is that Alfred Nobel never had a Nobel Prize for math because his wife was cheating on him with a mathmatician.

Zetto, Oct 28, 2010, 05 am

hilarious xD

sbdrag, Oct 28, 2010, 05 am

cause there's not all that much you can create (new) with math?

idk, i'm not fantastic at it, so i could be wrong.

or maybe there's no way to help the entire world with math...

Mr.Brickwithfeet, Oct 28, 2010, 09 am

B cuz nobody actually understands math well enough 2 win a prize 4 it

ZivXanthus, Oct 28, 2010, 09 am

mailbox in the woods? o.o I want one! :D

yehram, Oct 28, 2010, 04 pm

GAAHH!! There are hundreds of new proofs and algorithms still being created or old unsolved problems that were solved by current mathematicians that definitely deserve recognition!! Alfred Nobel simply concluded by himself that math did not aid in the advancement of humanity and decided that the category did not deserve a prize (also he did not care for it) the git~

Jazeki, Oct 28, 2010, 07 pm

Because you can apply math to everything.

pwii, Oct 28, 2010, 11 pm

Because it's a liberal agenda booster. Why the heck would Obama win a nobel prize anyways?

Fu!, Oct 29, 2010, 01 am

That's what the Fields Medal is for, I guess.

@Morgan: There is a mailbox in the woods so that someone will question its reason for being there.

LazyChocobo, Dec 14, 2010, 03 pm

Because Nobel's wife ran away with a mathematician.

A simple scandal results in so many people not getting the recognition they deserve...

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