posted on Nov 03, 2010, 09 pm

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psudonym, Nov 03, 2010, 05 pm

Please drive responsibly.

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cupEcake, Nov 03, 2010, 09 pm


WallsTalkBack, Nov 03, 2010, 09 pm

I'm... not sure... Good question.

Pinkchibs, Nov 03, 2010, 09 pm

Nice job on the car. Well amazing job on the whole comic, but nice job on the car!

ZivXanthus, Nov 03, 2010, 09 pm

your pages always make me chipper

yehram, Nov 04, 2010, 12 am

centripetal acceleration (due to gravity)?

Akiaa, Nov 04, 2010, 06 am

nice city night atmosphere, great lights ;)

Crash Ichimonji, Nov 04, 2010, 08 pm

I'm diggin' the duck-scarf. Is this gonna be a permanent addition to our little Q.D.?

pwii, Nov 04, 2010, 10 pm

Momentum from the earth's rotation. It drains that way because gravity forces it down. A vortex is the easiest way. And the tiniest push from the earth's rotation determines which direction.

NeoKitai, Nov 06, 2010, 04 pm

PWII's explanation also answers why it travels in a different direction on the opposite pole.

Thrudd, Feb 09, 2011, 11 am

Yup Yup - Gravity for the down bit and Coriolis effect for the rotation.

guyy (Guest), Apr 05, 2011, 06 pm

Actually, the Coriolis force thing is a myth. That force does exist, but it's much too weak over short distances to affect something the size of, say, a bathtub drain; though it does usually determine the rotation direction of hurricanes.

Water drains in a vortex mainly because of conservation of angular momentum: any tiny random rotation in the water speeds up as the water is pulled down a tiny hole by gravity.

Funkysandwich (Guest), Jan 13, 2012, 07 am

That's a Datsun 240Z! I have one of these!

Ishtar (Guest), Jun 30, 2014, 05 pm

@guyy; You are correct about coriolis force being too weak to affect a bath drain, but it is not random.

Most drains will drain the same way every time, and that is due to the shape of the sink or tub.

By the way there are a few sinks specifically designed to have the coriolis effect take place, and they do in fact drain in opposite direction in the northern and southern hemispheres

eekee, May 14, 2018, 05 pm

There's this thing they do for tourists in Kenya, "showing" the Coriolis effect on a basin of water either side of the equator. I was surprised it worked, until I spoke with a smart older gentleman who'd been to Kenya and seen it done for real. He told me what he'd seen. On one side of the equator, the demonstrator poured the water into one side of the basin. On the other side of the equator, he poured it into the other side of the basin. On the equator, he poured it into the middle of the basin.

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