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psudonym, Nov 10, 2010, 05 pm

Just thought I'd point this out

Manly Guys Doing Manly Things is awesome, be sure to check it out if you've got any love for machismo, video game manliness, or a gosh darn good comic in general.

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Blitzn'Burst, Nov 10, 2010, 05 pm


what i found: Monday - Monandaeg or Moonday. The moon was worshipped as the wife of the sun, among other things ("daeg" means day).
Tuesday - Tiwsday or Tiwesdaeg. Tyr, god of war

Wednesday - Wodensday or Wodnesdaeg. Norse god Odin, or Wodin. Tyr's father
Thursday - Thorsday or Thunresdaeg. Thor, Norse god of Thunder

Friday - Frigsday or Frigedaeg. Norse goddess Freya. Wife of Odin, mother of Thor. Named a day after her lest she be jealous and work evil upon them

Saturday - Seternesday or Saterdaeg. Norse god Seterne; also the Roman god Saturn who presided over the sowing of the seed. His festival was Saturnalia, December 17. Because of the wildness of the revels during the festival the name has come to mean a time of wild revelry and tumult.

Sunday - Sunnandaeg, from "sunnan" meaning sun. It is regarded as a name surviving from ancient sun worship. As the Resurrection of Christ occurred on the first day of the week the early Christians began to assemble for worship on that day instead of on the Jewish Sabbath, which is Saturday.

psudonym, Nov 10, 2010, 05 pm



FluffyShem, Nov 10, 2010, 06 pm

I'm going to guess off the top of my head and say Greek people. Oh. Someone else got it. 9_9 Very impressive...

KyledKat, Nov 10, 2010, 07 pm

Huh. I always thought they were named after the planets, and consequently the Roman gods.
The More You Know...

BM03 (Guest), Nov 10, 2010, 09 pm

Love Your Duck

Saw your stuff in Manly Guys, found this, read it, it is now a bookmark on toolbars.

Simple, funny and even nice to look at. Love it, my man.

I'm actually amazed you can dish out these things daily. Hope that doesn't burn you out faster but either way I'll make sure to be there the rest of the way now!

pwii, Nov 10, 2010, 11 pm

BLITZN'BURST, you have just satisfied Question Duck. Mad thumbs!

Crash Ichimonji, Nov 11, 2010, 12 pm

Blitzn'burst, Freya and Frigg were two different goddesses.

Emilee0The0Strange, Nov 20, 2010, 09 pm


AWWWW D:!!! i want ten points...or some waffles o.o?

Totema (Guest), Apr 13, 2011, 02 am

The ancient Norse! The days are actually an English corruption of their gods. (followed by the word "day")

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