posted on Jan 14, 2011, 09 pm

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psudonym, Jan 14, 2011, 09 pm

Happy Weekend Everyone!

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LoopyGirl96, Jan 14, 2011, 09 pm

Aww that's mean D:

tezzle, Jan 14, 2011, 09 pm

Wile E. Roommate and Questionrunner

Karadom, Jan 14, 2011, 10 pm

Wait..why is that doughnut glowing?

S1d3w4yZ, Jan 14, 2011, 11 pm

It's a particularly good doughnut, I think you may have only seen subpar doughnuts.

u_queen, Jan 14, 2011, 11 pm

Now I know how to catch QD only for myself *evil laugh*

General.Hankins, Jan 15, 2011, 01 am

Sulfric acid, which reacts with distilled water to create an electrolyte. this substance reacts with lead plates inside the battery called cells, the resulting reaction creates and electrical discharge.

Why would anyone be so cruel as to lure poor question duck in with a delicious pastry, I mean it was GLOWING! how could anyone resist a Glowing donut?

Fu!, Jan 15, 2011, 01 am

QD doesn't seem too bothered by his present situation.

Akiaa, Jan 15, 2011, 02 am

this is the best piece ever ;D this guy really likes the duck

BoyueF, Jan 15, 2011, 09 am

Well atleast he won't starve.

robybang, Jan 15, 2011, 12 pm

Hexiditidom did a fan comic/parody. Just thought you'd want to know:


WalkinOnAirx3 (Guest), Jan 15, 2011, 03 pm

Omg i just learned this D: - Goes through binder like a madman- xD Sulfuric Acid:D! ....... O_O hopefully my teacher doesnt read this D:

OrangeJuz, Jan 15, 2011, 11 pm


Totema (Guest), Apr 13, 2011, 03 am

Over 1,500 AA batteries! Plus an original Game Boy! And sometimes a magical miniature unicorn! :O

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