posted on Jan 27, 2011, 10 pm

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psudonym, Jan 27, 2011, 10 pm

Heh, for anyone still wondering how crowded this little space is, it's just friends visiting.

Really really really observant longtime readers will have seen all these guys before.

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melvin2898, Jan 27, 2011, 10 pm

I don't really comment

I read the whole comic so far. Good work.

pwii, Jan 27, 2011, 10 pm

The first comic book was a reprint of the sunday funnies in magazine form, 1933, by George Janosik, George Delacorte, Harry Wildenberg, and Maxwell C. Gaines: Funnies on Parade. It took off really fast, and soon there were comic-book only comics. However, superhero comics were started by Jerry Siegel and Joseph Shuster, two teenagers from Cleveland who made Superman. It was rejected for 4 years prior to release however, but when they finally got it published by Sheldon Mayer and Vin Sullivan in 1938 it changed history FOREVAH.

Did I win any points?

sbdrag, Jan 27, 2011, 11 pm

they're having a different party on page 34!

... i'm not that observant, i reread to find it XP

KyledKat, Jan 27, 2011, 11 pm

This is numbered 133 despite yesterday's being 133 too!

spacezombie, Jan 28, 2011, 12 am

yay that's the cd in the microwave guy! he's the reason why my microwave doesn't work anymore... booo... but he's also the reason why i don't have to listen to my sister playing justin beiber! so it's a win scenario!

General.Hankins, Jan 28, 2011, 01 am

What an excellent excuse to destroy a microwave, and a pretty light show, haha

KittyKittaj (Guest), Jan 28, 2011, 03 am

Totally random but...

...They're playing Halo, aren't they?
Don't lie, I see that Assault Rifle on the top screen.

psudonym, Jan 28, 2011, 07 pm

Good catch KyledKat, I'll fix that shortly.

PWII, heh I haven't been doing the points awarding in quite some time. Not that I'm not grateful for everyone continuing to take part. It's really wonderful when you do.

KittyKittaj, yep. Halo. Probably Halo 2. I think those guys are purists and think the Equipment load outs of Reach ruined Halo. But I think that's silly.

Thinkin'ABit (Guest), May 26, 2011, 03 pm

Hah, hair guy can't make a :| face. It's more like a K|

Puppyblogs (Guest), Aug 07, 2011, 02 am

I believe the first comic book was either Super Adventures
Issue #1 or The Adventures of Obadiah Oldbuck.

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