posted on Feb 03, 2011, 10 pm

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psudonym, Feb 03, 2011, 10 pm

I am getting a little tired of Snowpocalypses. That groundhog better be right about Spring...

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psudonym, Feb 04, 2011, 10 pm

Gonna be a bit of a delay

Just notifying you folks ahead of time that I probably can't get the next comic up by midnight eastern. My apologies.

psudonym, Feb 05, 2011, 09 am

Question Duck LiveStream!

Well.... one neat thing about a delay into the weekend. I can livestream this baby. Like. Right now!


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cupEcake, Feb 03, 2011, 10 pm

no. no it is not.

robybang, Feb 04, 2011, 12 am

No, unless someone was accusing you of not caring at all, when in fact you do care somewhat. Then it would work as sort of a "Not the worst" comment.

Jazeki, Feb 04, 2011, 12 am

It's an improperly phrased idiom, but if the person (or duck) could care any less about a subject, I'm sure he or she would.

Fu!, Feb 04, 2011, 12 am

That expression bothers me more than nearly every other grammatical blunder that's been accepted in our everyday language.

General.Hankins, Feb 04, 2011, 12 am

OH GOD! Qustion Duck almost died. Good thing he was protected by the Scarf of Curiousity, haha.

Jem, Feb 04, 2011, 05 am

I think what most people mean, but always phrase wrong, is "I couldn't care less".

By saying I could care less it means that I might care somewhat for it or that I might be able to care less about it but I don't (which again sort of means you care about it)

By saying I couldn't care less it means that I don't care at all. It's at the very bottom.

Mr Xvious, Feb 04, 2011, 09 am

Here in the uk we always say "I couldn't care less",

"I could care less" implies you do actually care for the subject and doesn't make sense if used for "This is boring, stop talking" comment ^^

booisl33t, Feb 04, 2011, 06 pm

i usually hear it used as such, "I couldn't care less", which makes a hell of a lot more sense to me.

magi, Feb 05, 2011, 05 am

Is that a grammatical question?

Chris (Guest), Feb 05, 2011, 10 am

I have never understood why some people say that when they mean they "couldn't care less". It truly annoys the hell out of me. Almost as much as when someone says "should of" when it's supposed to be "should've" or "should have". It's like these people never learned basic grammar in school or something...
Sorry about that, my rant is finished.

Fu!, Feb 05, 2011, 08 pm

For the longest time, I didn't know that "All of the/a sudden," was invalid. There is "Suddenly," and that's it.

muffinpoodle, Jul 28, 2011, 06 am

I've grown up (in Australia) hearing people say "couldn't care less". It was only when I heard the idiom in a couple of American shows and songs and stuff that i knew some people said it with "could". that's annoyed me ever since...it's "couldn't"! Surely it's "couldn't"!

Zereth (Guest), Jul 22, 2012, 01 pm

It is a grammatically correct sentence, yes.

Ishtar (Guest), Jul 01, 2014, 05 pm

It is patois that is understood by millions of people.

That sounds like validity to me.

willy5000, Aug 05, 2014, 07 am


Nahtanojrepus (Guest), Apr 19, 2015, 10 pm

It is a phrase that, as a whole, has a meaning opposite to what its words put together would mean. This is ridiculous, completely grammatically incorrect, and a perfect example of what is wrong with the english language. The phrase is valid, as the purpose of language is to communicate meaning, and everyone knows the meaning of the phrase, but logically, the phrase should mean the opposite of what it does, and someone who understood speech through logical connection of the words would be utterly confused by the phrase if they had not encountered it before.

I think the phrase came into being because it suggests they don't care enough even to say that they couldn't care less, as couldn't implied that they'd try and they don't care enough to try. It makes a sort of sense then, but is still ridiculous.

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