posted on Apr 07, 2011, 09 pm

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psudonym, Apr 07, 2011, 09 pm

Evenin' ya'll.

It shouldn't surprise folks to say that I ingest a lot of reference for Question Duck. Infact, that's part of the charm of making each one. Scouring the net for images of places I've been, or especially places I've never been, is often a real treat. And the images that result are usually interpretations of various materials hobbled together.

Tonight's strip though, is closely based on a singular source so I've felt the least I could do is link their great photos of Yanghuo.

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Bostian, Apr 08, 2011, 01 am

From what I heard, no.

Karadom, Apr 08, 2011, 03 pm

You know what I like about this comic? If you read the comic, you get a decent idea of what is going on with the world.

tRickityHouses, Apr 09, 2011, 09 am

pretty greens

BradyDale, Apr 12, 2011, 06 am

Great concept

This is a fascinating concept for a webcomic. I hope it gets a lot of traction.

CloudsAreFluffie, Aug 27, 2011, 12 am


Mort the Ghost (Guest), Nov 24, 2013, 03 pm

I'm here from a future where the government actually did shut down to say ... NO.

Also, since I'm commenting, let me just say I love this comic for both the art and the concept. It reminds me of the Flight anthology series in all the best ways.

Ishtar (Guest), Jul 01, 2014, 08 pm

No they weren't.

Oddly enough just before congress went into recess, they learned that the TSA had been hit hard by the shutdowwn too, and planes were facing major delays.

A temporary bill passed to prevent further delays quickly, just as the largest congregation of politicians in the country wanted to use planes.

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