posted on May 18, 2011, 10 pm

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psudonym, May 18, 2011, 10 pm

Evenin everyone! Heeey... just putting this out there but... any of ya'll interested in makin' some guest strips?

Advertisement, May 25, 2019, 04 pm

Got a question you wanna ask? A suggestion? Fanart? Send em here!

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Phil Kahn (Guest), May 18, 2011, 11 pm

Where should we send said guest strips to?

psudonym, May 18, 2011, 11 pm

@Phil Kahn

If you will, first let me thank you for the interest. Feel free to send anything by to my fancy schamncy formerly secret now public e-mail account:
"psuede AT gmail DOT com"

Thanks for reading!

Ghost (Guest), May 18, 2011, 11 pm

I love that his roommate draws a tiny picture of his own angry head on his notes.

Richardson (Guest), May 18, 2011, 11 pm

I guess there's the answer to 198...

Fu!, May 18, 2011, 11 pm

@Ghost: By 2015, signatures will have been completely replaced by self-drawn caricatures. I guarantee it.

But wait! A comic has been drawn within the comic!? YOU FOOLISH FOOL OF AN ARTIST! Now the universe shall explode! If my calculations are correct, our reality shall begin to unravel this coming Saturday!

So, if the Rapture truly occurs, we'll know whom to blame. ;)

Fu!, May 19, 2011, 12 am

All this talk (and now actual drawing) of manga is causing me to read your comic right-to-left. XD

SavageDisaster (Guest), May 19, 2011, 01 am


Twentydragon, May 19, 2011, 08 am


It's odd that you pick this Saturday. That's when Family Radio predicts Judgment Day will occur. Apparently it's the 7,000th anniversary of Noah's flood or something.

Phantom (Guest), May 19, 2011, 09 am

Yours doesn't do that?

Deih (Guest), May 19, 2011, 10 am

Yotsuba&! Ducks - want now

Deih (Guest), May 19, 2011, 10 am

lol, also just noticed he's reading volume 8.

9 is out, man! :3

Fu!, May 19, 2011, 12 pm

@Twentydragon: Oh my, what a coincidence! I couldn't possibly have done that on purpose! :P

u_queen, May 19, 2011, 01 pm

Do ducks have prints? o.O

Arctic Ookami, May 19, 2011, 03 pm

Yotsuba!! :D

And the world may never know~

oCubedCheeseo, May 19, 2011, 03 pm

awh i love yatsuba&!

wallaceguy, May 19, 2011, 05 pm


My friend just gave me that for my birthday Tuesday, and this has inspired me to read it TONIGHT! :) Thanks Question Duck.

DontEatChalk (Guest), May 19, 2011, 05 pm

Would have been awesome if he was reading Bakuman. A comic within a comic within a comic. hahahahaha

KyledKat, May 19, 2011, 08 pm

I just cant seem to find the time for anything personal, what with graduation right around the corner and whatnot... :(

Nickels, May 19, 2011, 09 pm

I want to do a guest strip

I would be honored if I could do a guest strip.

lulu12eureka, May 20, 2011, 11 pm

yay! Yotsuba!

The_Hankerchief, May 21, 2011, 01 am

I'll get 'er done. (My brother already done one. haha)

neko-sama, May 21, 2011, 08 pm

Yotsuba! (again)

Ciel Gris, May 22, 2011, 11 am


I would really love to!! I really need something to help me get started on my own comic so this would be awesome XD

Nobody in particular (Guest), May 22, 2011, 07 pm

So kawaii!! By the it isn't surprising they're reading Yotsuba. It's that the Yotsuba manga belongs to the roommate.

BTW Yotsuba seems to fit to those two characters well. The duck being Yotsuba and Guy being pretty much anyone who is currently with her.

queensilian, Oct 24, 2011, 06 pm

Yotsuba! I love that comic!

andre4794, Nov 16, 2011, 10 am

Hmm... Yotsuba& (yes you all forgot the &, the & is part of the title).
Azumango Daioh (kiyohiko azuma's first series) was better.
<I'm Tomo Takino and I've got more energy than anyone!>

Yangyexin, Feb 24, 2012, 12 pm

Hahaha, Yotsuba...xD

Zereth (Guest), Jul 22, 2012, 01 pm

Legislation is going to happen to Medicare.

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