posted on Jun 15, 2011, 10 pm

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brokenatmidnight, Jun 15, 2011, 10 pm

I really love the background!

xXnerd101Xx, Jun 16, 2011, 12 am

there's actually something made of corn... it's like plastic only 100% degradable, It has a yellowy tint but is clear and doesn't taste like anything.

Zmanwarrior, Jun 16, 2011, 12 am

He's traveled the world so much it was inevitable he'd eventually reach Mordor.

WhisperingHeartSyndrome, Jun 16, 2011, 02 am

His hair has become one with Question Duck.

BM03 (Guest), Jun 16, 2011, 06 am


I see your black hole and I raise you a Bag of Holding.

Deih (Guest), Jun 16, 2011, 12 pm

Oh christ, I'd LOOOOVE this as my wallpaper :o

Korbeh, Jun 16, 2011, 01 pm

Anything that's bigger on the inside.

Gunwild (Guest), Jun 16, 2011, 03 pm

I don't know, I only drink from jeweled goblets.

psudonym, Jun 16, 2011, 04 pm


Send me an e-mail at questionduck at hotmail dot com and I can send you back a full resolution version of the page. It won't exactly be wallpaper size but it'll be a bit more usable than the web size.

GraySoul (Guest), Jun 16, 2011, 08 pm


Glass containers... reusable, easy to clean, no leachy chemistry.

The_Hankerchief, Jun 16, 2011, 09 pm

Whatever happened to metal cups?

Twentydragon, Jun 17, 2011, 09 am

Plastic usually isn't so bad if it's recyclable (and actually gets recycled).

MI_UK, Jun 17, 2011, 09 am

Does beardy guy remind anyone else of Lucas Lee?

Sebastian (Guest), Jun 17, 2011, 12 pm

Thor's satchel.

samanitnelav, Jun 25, 2011, 11 pm

perhaps that's Chile? I'm chilean and we're having some trouble with a volcano right now...

Charlotte057, Sep 30, 2016, 02 pm

Paper is at least decompose-able...

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