posted on Jun 29, 2011, 11 am

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psudonym, Jun 29, 2011, 09 am

Afternoon everyone! I got a rather lovely guest strip in yesterday and I thought I might share! While I'm plenty happy with it, I'm not entirely sure our hero duck would be quite so appreciative...

Today's guest strip comes courtesy of fellow Smackjeever Hexaditidom who's been a big part of the crazy cool colaborative comic Smackjeeves Mafia! Go check it out here, you may see a familiar name or three! http://mafia.smackjeeves.com/

I really love how the community can come together in these games, makes me wish I had the time to run one... Though I suppose if I keep posting new guest strips with enough frequency it's almost becoming a collaborative effort already. Now there's a thought.

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IEatTacosForDinner, Jun 29, 2011, 12 pm

Lol poor duck.
Still able to question, though so it's alright :)

Zmanwarrior, Jun 29, 2011, 12 pm

I think there were talks of inducting Puerto Rico. I doubt it'll turn anything out though.

RandomNinjaGuy, Jun 29, 2011, 03 pm

Every year Puerto Rico votes to decide to become its own country, continue the way it is now, or become the 51st state.
So quite possibly Puerto Rico some day

Twentydragon, Jul 01, 2011, 04 am



No "s"es.

Free Glass (Guest), Jul 01, 2011, 07 pm

...That IS indeed a thought.
The concept is there. Simple, endearing enough main character...

Sabbath (Guest), Jul 02, 2011, 11 pm

They'd better not! This nation is too big and unwieldy as is. ;/

RandomNinjaGuy, Jul 05, 2011, 09 pm

Also just learned DC isn't a state... So they're trying to become the 51st state

Kioneslayer, Oct 06, 2011, 11 am

Doubt it. =/ While the US wouldn't mind the extra money flow a 51st state would contribute, a 51st state would cause a shift in the two houses, and then there would be problems about if Puerto Rico residence could run for presidency after being inducted into the states. Not to mention, most Territories of the US don't want the burden of being a state because of the tax increase the citizens would receive.

At least, that was what we concluded with in US Civis and Economics class.

@RandomNinjaGuy - =3 I don't think DC can become a state. =/ The district is neutral ground not only for us citizens but for the international representatives. P= They get three votes in electoral college, but that's it, and I believe that was done to insure no presidential election ties. Though I may be wrong.

Dan Genesis (Guest), Jan 17, 2016, 08 am

Probably not. There's actually an amendment putting a hard number on the number of electoral votes there are in total for the entire nation. If we added more states, we'd have to make an amendment to amend it to allow 2 more electoral votes for each new state - for the new senators - and even then it would have to be extended even further because otherwise it would require massive reworking for the House to account for the new population being represented.

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