posted on Aug 28, 2011, 08 pm

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psudonym, Aug 28, 2011, 05 pm

Evenin' everyone! Irene's passed and for my part, everything went pretty smoothly. With the exception of lost time and missed plans, the hurricane hit our area very lightly. Though there were spots of power outages, there are others worse off than us. Thankfully everyone seems to be doing their part to help those most effected, who can still be in danger as high tide comes in.

Anyway, things are ready to get back to normal. And also I'd like to say thanks again to guest and fellow Smackjeever MacSimon for their guest strip today! It's quite a nice blue day you've got there!

And so seems the last in the long line of guest comics ever since the 200th strip. Though I will always be welcoming more of them, they'll be like today's strip posted one at a time on Sundays. Now I like these strips, they're all wonderful gifts. But what I like to think is nice for fans is the encouragement to just make new comics and try new things. It's much like how I started here myself.

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MacSimon, Aug 28, 2011, 08 pm

Let me clarify the question a bit.
"Yeah Ghost!" is waaay different than "When if falls" or "The Garden". It's a greaaaat album nontheless, but it's different.

Also @psudonym, this guest comic was what i needed at that time, i had to try new coloring styles, and i think that this one worked pretty well :B

RandomNinjaGuy, Aug 28, 2011, 09 pm

The damned thing kept me from internet the whole day ;-;

Gunwild (Guest), Aug 28, 2011, 09 pm

I fell asleep with my back to a tree like that once. When I woke up my shoulders hurt and I was in the park alone at night.

Wretched nature.

The_Hankerchief, Aug 29, 2011, 12 am

Aye, that's why I don't do that. Instead, whenever I wanna take a nap in the park, I bring a backpacker's hammock. : D

KyledKat, Aug 29, 2011, 01 am

Glad to hear you made it through Irene a-okay, Pseudo!
I'm working on a QD guest strip! I've got the border done! Now I just need a great idea...

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