posted on Oct 20, 2011, 04 am

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psudonym, Oct 20, 2011, 04 am

Thanks Magi for the photo!
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Sovay, Oct 20, 2011, 04 am

I've always wondered this. x3 I still don't know why~

Gunwild (Guest), Oct 20, 2011, 04 am

I'm not sure, but did you know it works cross-species? No, seriously, you can make a dog yawn with it. Chimps too.

Cute kids. Chibi Guy Gardener shouldn't suck his thumb though.

Kellysterhabit, Oct 20, 2011, 05 am

I yawned after I read that.. Slightly creeped out and fascinated at the same time XD

CactusJuicy, Oct 20, 2011, 08 am

I think it has to do with alert circles and stuff.

Charlotte057, Nov 14, 2012, 05 pm


i yawned too, Kellysterhabit :3

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