Halloweeeeeeeeen 2012!

posted on Oct 28, 2012, 03 pm

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psudonym, Oct 28, 2012, 03 pm

Just a thought...

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Your Comments:

Mundius, Oct 28, 2012, 03 pm

Finally, the duck is reborn.

Deonis, Oct 28, 2012, 03 pm

DUCKY!!!! Bring us more Life Defining Questions!

lilmissbunnybitch, Oct 28, 2012, 04 pm

Not ony am i doing this its also gonna be gender bended

Player Z, Oct 28, 2012, 05 pm

YAY, It's brilliant!

The_Hankerchief, Oct 28, 2012, 08 pm

Yay! Psudonym is back!

Matt (Guest), Oct 29, 2012, 01 am

This is a thing that has already happened.

Last year, I helped my roommate construct this very costume. It was glorious, I should find pictures.

super chao, Oct 29, 2012, 02 am

When I saw you updated, it felt like being re-united with an old friend

BaruAizu, Oct 29, 2012, 05 pm

Thank you for inspiring a little bit of joy in a time of crisis, what with Hurricane Sandy.

Gster, Oct 29, 2012, 10 pm

Welp, its now that time of year when I nail a duck to the top of my head.

AlecTH, Oct 30, 2012, 04 pm

Thanks for a great Halloween costume at the last minute!

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