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psudonym, Sep 06, 2013, 12 am

Honestly, why would he? He's mega A list now, an accomplished award winning director, screen writer, and is finally getting respected as an actor. Why go Super Hero now? How much money is he gettin?

Advertisement, Sep 15, 2019, 03 pm

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Shard, Sep 06, 2013, 12 am

TBH, I'm more wondering why someone wouldn't want to be Batman.

Galamirix (Guest), Sep 06, 2013, 02 am

Ha, I knew coming back to this site every once in a while would pay off! Glad to see another update!

Mundius, Sep 06, 2013, 07 am


Ddraigeneth, Sep 06, 2013, 09 am

@Shard My thoughts exactly!

RazorD9, Sep 06, 2013, 11 am

As cool as being Batman would be, kind of agree. I mean Superhero movies seems to be a step down. Don't get me wrong, loved The avengers and all the movies the linked that together as well as the Dark Knight trilogy and the first two Batman movies, but then think of all the bad Superhero movies or even the cheesy ones.

Also it's kind of too soon for me for another Batman movie reboot or whatever you'd call it. Sure it's going to be a Batman/Superman movie (which fans been wanting since before Superman Returns) but would still be rebooting the character considering how Dark Knight Rises ended. Then considering the last Batman movie, it's going to be hard to top it so soon.

Will be cautiously optimistic non the less. I mean Affleck is a better actor if the writings good and it paces itself nicely then it might be a good movie.

Forgive the rant, and more importantly,great seeing Q.D. back.

u_queen, Sep 07, 2013, 07 pm

@Shard I agree, it's like everyone dreams being a superhero once, and Batman is one of the best.

Aceline, Sep 07, 2013, 09 pm

I'm a girl with social anxiety and if someone offered me the part of Batman I'd accept! How could anyone turn that role down?

Mary (Guest), Sep 07, 2013, 10 pm

A fan, perhaps.

Therater2, Sep 08, 2013, 05 am

Finally! A new comic! Thank You!

Wah (Guest), Sep 14, 2013, 01 pm

Not particularly towards this one, but a question with regards to your work overall...

Whew, long title.

Anyway; Your comics feature a good deal of humanitarian themes in the art and often relate to important projects the world over (I suppose the first to come to mind would be the tsunami relief comic, though only because I just finished scrounging through the archives), and have the "main character" [duck or human] (I suppose, though his 'role' isn't really important beyond the mechanism he fulfills) involved directly in the projects. Now, I understand if it may seem devaluing to the overall to differentiate, but I suppose general curiosity often disregards and overtakes intrigue and to such an end I'd like to ask the following; Is the main character a person (animate) or a device?

The more I type out on the question the less I feel inclined to continue, but I figure it can be pursued for the sake of pursuit, irrelevance be damned.

I ask mainly as there isn't much information on who you are, which doesn't bother me in the slightest, but the honesty (for lack of a better word) in the strip, along with the diverse questions asked, has me wondering at the process. It would appear that it functions as one-part thought-journal, one-part travel-journal, and one-part hobby (again, words fail me, but the idea is similar enough: the definition I'll apply being "Done for personal pleasure rather than monetary gain").

Are you a member of Doctors without Borders or another aid organization? Again, it doesn't matter with regards to the strip, but I find the sub-content of this comic fascinating. There's the romanced notion of world-travel to blame for this as-well, and the admiration for a strict adherence to Watersonian Integrity (working title), but I'll end with an overarching question (for you, the man, or the duck) voiced by virtue of respect:

"Why did you choose to begin this strip?"

eekee, Aug 01, 2018, 02 pm

It's like Whoopi Goldberg wanting to be on Star Trek. They didn't even realise she was serious at first.

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