Question Duck Minus Question Duck 007

posted on Apr 01, 2014, 07 pm

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psudonym, Apr 02, 2014, 06 am

UPDATE: I've decided for the moment to preserve the Question Duck Minus Question Duck strips for posterity. Enjoy them! If you can you heartless creature!

But they will be retitled appropriately so as to not mess with the current numbering system or random generator.

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Guest, Apr 01, 2014, 08 pm


The_Hankerchief, Apr 01, 2014, 10 pm

Should have changed Guy's text to "Duck? What duck?".

Good April Fools prank, by the way.

Deonis, Apr 02, 2014, 02 am

Wait, wait, WAIT! What if question duck is just a figment of this guy's imagination?!

[insert generic username], Apr 11, 2014, 07 pm

Oh, so this was 200. Can you please link to the originals?

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