posted on Sep 12, 2008, 01 pm

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Hawby (Guest), Aug 15, 2010, 02 am

While I know this is purely meant for entertainment purposes, I'll answer the question with my theory. I think the reason is because if they don't sterilize the needle, it is possible the deathrow inmate may have died from something other than the poison; which was not what he was sentenced to.

Schorhr, Aug 22, 2010, 12 pm

Hehe. I think there is nothing that would cause death quicker then the actual poison. The needles come from the same factory as every other, probably pre-sterilized these days?

Kiefler (Guest), Apr 02, 2011, 12 pm

I believe it is this reason.

You can't punish someone for the same crime twice. In the unlikely (but it has occured) event that the injection does not kill the criminal, it is sort of like an act of God.

You can't redo the process again. That would be cruel and unusual punishment.

In the event he doesn't die, giving him some strange disease he will carry the rest of his mercifully-given-by-a-higher-power second chance at life would also be considered cruel and unusual punishment.

Torkie10 (Guest), Nov 12, 2011, 01 pm

Pre-sterilized like all needles, and you have to remember it's for the safety of the handlers as well.

Ishtar (Guest), Jun 29, 2014, 08 pm

Occasionally mistakes are made with injections, such as not enough of the lethal element for the mass of the recipient, giving an inmate an awful disease as well as making a mistake would lead to massive civil, as well as punitive damages being assessed against the offending party.

A recent case occurred where an inmate was not given the correct dosages of both lethal element and anasthesia, while he did die it took several painful hours, during which he was fully conscious and coherent, so mistakes do happen

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