posted on Aug 21, 2010, 09 pm

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psudonym, Aug 21, 2010, 09 pm

Hello everyone. I found the internet.

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Jedigal16, Aug 21, 2010, 09 pm


glad to see you! :3
The Amazing duck-ness is Amzing, as is your art. I love how he's all excited about the pretty sunset then BAM question. XD

Akiaa, Aug 22, 2010, 03 am

aww don't fly away cute ducky ;o;

Dewfall (Guest), Aug 28, 2010, 11 am

THE EARTH DID. But we made up the hour. :D

pwii, Sep 09, 2010, 05 pm

It's a basic division of time, Probably invented by hebrews.(jewish)

erika51290, Sep 17, 2010, 07 pm

The questions of your duck makes me ask the same questions to myself as well... XD... who indeed huh?

sbdrag, Sep 23, 2010, 08 pm


... oh, wait, that was daylight savings...

devnet, Oct 10, 2010, 06 pm


Twentydragon, Jan 31, 2011, 10 pm

I don't remember specifically who did it, but I do remember that it was accidental. The intent was to make 10 hours in the day and 10 hours at night, so they divided the day into 10 equal portions, and when they tried to extrapolate those into the night, they found there were 14. That's right, they tried it in the winter. But since then 24 hours has stuck.

Anon (Guest), Apr 13, 2011, 12 am

I think it was the Ancient Egyptians.

doombringer505, May 26, 2011, 02 pm

I thought that the Romans created the hour system.

Kin (Guest), Jul 25, 2011, 01 am

I don't know...

but isn't is ever so interesting that despite the 24 hours in a day humans actually go by a 25 hour clock naturally (:

pugster122, Sep 23, 2011, 07 pm

The mayans... I think.

Kioneslayer, Sep 25, 2011, 08 pm

Two Societies

I think the hours were actually developed by not only Egyptians, but also the Aztecs/Mayans.

Both societies were very strong in mathematics and I do believe both followed the shadows, though Egyptians didn't develop the 'hour' and 'minutes' as we know them, though we had a similar system that eventually spread. But the Aztecs/Mayans used actual numbers to tell the time of the day. Eventually, I believe both ideas met and stayed over time.

But I'm not completely sure about it, I'm not a huge fan of ancient cultures. =/

Kelly (Guest), Nov 05, 2011, 02 pm

I just absolutely adore this page.
Mr. Duck is lovely, and as is the man of few words.

eekee (Guest), Apr 08, 2018, 11 am

Probably the Babylonians/Chaldeans, because nobody's said it yet. Actually, I'm really surprised nobody's suggested them. They did a lot of math stuff earlier than anyone else mentioned, and used base-6 and base-60 number systems.

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