posted on Aug 23, 2010, 10 pm

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sydneylove, Aug 24, 2010, 12 am


twams, Aug 24, 2010, 12 am

Ohhhh.... He just came back from his vacation.

Merillian, Aug 24, 2010, 03 am


oh question duck, ask more!

XxBloodxAlicexX, Sep 05, 2010, 07 pm

I doubt it XD

pwii, Sep 09, 2010, 05 pm

Because he was a friggin hippie, which were popular among certain groups back then.

scibbirishm, Sep 27, 2010, 05 pm

Oh John Lennon - how I love thee.

He probably would have been less of a hit. The Beatles was definitely a good start for him C:

I'm torn between my love for the duck and my sadness for how much of a burden he seems to be for the boy.
But I love the comic regardless. <3

Ankh, Oct 01, 2010, 02 pm

It depends what he would have ended up doing. He would have been an excellent author. I bet he'd have ended up doing a lot of poetry.

FluffyShem, Nov 06, 2010, 09 am

I really don't think so. The odds are very small

Anon (Guest), Apr 13, 2011, 02 pm

He was talented to have gained a lot of recognition on his own, but he would never have been nearly as sensational.

Beatleschick (Guest), Apr 19, 2011, 05 pm

Not only was Lennon a song writer, author, and poet, he drew stuff too. Mostly cartoons and things akin to cartoons, but some really cute stuff despite his cynical, atheist views on life.

Richard Lewis (Guest), Jan 02, 2012, 11 pm

All athiests deserve to die and burn in hell.

Unclever title, Aug 21, 2012, 07 am

@Richard Lewis

It's statements like those that make people hate Christians.

Strictly speaking, all humans deserve to die and burn in hell.

We're ALL sinners. Athiests aren't special in that regard.

Jesus came not to condemn us, but to save us. The word is Love, not condemnation.

And yet he still respects our choices enough to allow us the free will to decide if we don't want to be saved.

And that's why salvation requires faith.

"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, so that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life."

Never forget the love.

eekee (Guest), Apr 08, 2018, 11 am

I have heard the Beatles were so great because they had two great songwriters, so, yeah I guess.

Snoots (Guest), Jul 01, 2019, 06 pm

"What would have happened if history had been different" can be a fun game, but rarely, if ever, produces valid answers. "Would you have been born if your parents had had sex 10 minutes earlier or later?" "If Einstein hadn't been born would Hiroshima and Nagasaki still exist?" "If the hamburger was never invented what would McDonalds serve?" Fun game, but that's about it. ;D

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