posted on Sep 11, 2010, 08 pm

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Jaci, Sep 11, 2010, 08 pm

Does his friend ever answer his questions? or do they both live in wonder? :D

Hunterkirizaki, Sep 11, 2010, 08 pm

Barbie dolls. After all, C4 Plastic Explosives.

UpsideDown8, Sep 11, 2010, 09 pm

Whatever it's made of, it's made of it for long

boshyboo, Sep 11, 2010, 09 pm

That is some classy-ass rendering of Question Duck in panel 2.

tRickityHouses, Sep 11, 2010, 09 pm

oh man d8 charges

white4lima, Sep 12, 2010, 12 am

puh-leeze! c4 is obviously made of explosives. that's why it goes ka-boom!

blumchen, Sep 12, 2010, 12 am

Ahh, this is a really pretty page. 8D

Evi, Sep 12, 2010, 02 am

man I love the colours on this page <3

Akiaa, Sep 12, 2010, 02 am

aww I knew it woould be cute after seeing the colors x3
guy's face is so epic anytime duck asks question

Falling Sky, Sep 12, 2010, 09 am

I wonder if that guy ever gets tired of his duck's questions.

I wouldn't. He asks a lot of questions just like me. 8D

TempleTeddy, Sep 12, 2010, 03 pm


I've often wondered that myself. Very nice comic!

scarredpoint07, Sep 17, 2010, 04 pm

B-E- UTIFUL page. I especially adore Duck's face in the second panel. Magnificient colors.


scibbirishm, Sep 27, 2010, 05 pm

I think Question Duck is gunna haunt my nightmares. My nightmares that take place in beautiful places with vivid and extraordinary colors.

And it will ask be questions until I die.

Ankh, Oct 01, 2010, 03 pm

Question Duck is now on a terrorist watch list. Too bad it doesn't do any good to put him on the no fly list.

FluffyShem, Nov 06, 2010, 09 am

I like to think that the kid just wants to explore and live-in-the-moment, but his pet duck interrupts his fun and peace with thought-pondering questions that bother the kid until those questions fade away. :D

Ben R (Guest), Nov 18, 2010, 04 pm

I'm sorry but I can't resist answering this one.

C-4 is combination of a few substances, comprised of about 90% explosive nitroamine complex, 6% of a plasticizer, dioctyl adipate, which gives it its unique malleability, %2 plastic binder, and %2 oil to keep it malleable after exposure to elements.

The only reason I know this is because my Chemistry professor thought it would be fun to spend a day lecturing on the more explosive, and frankly more fun, aspect of chemistry.

eekee, Apr 17, 2018, 12 pm

Bahahahaha! What a question for such lovely, peaceful surroundings! :)

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