posted on Sep 14, 2010, 08 pm

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psudonym, Sep 14, 2010, 08 pm

For those asking about my process and techniques and textures and whatnot, I can't get into making a deep tutorial about it at the moment. I CAN however give you guys a link to a Livestream I have, which admittedly I rarely ever run. Right now though there's quite a decent backlog of material you can go over in the On Demand. And the drawing one that's on the auto loop right now is NSFW so browse while at home, if you'd please.


Thanks again for all the kind comments and interest ya'll!

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My name is Morgan, Sep 14, 2010, 08 pm

Haha, I like how it's the girls making the face now instead of the guy. ^^

MacSimon, Sep 14, 2010, 08 pm

Hey, check in the Smackjeeves forum, we got a thread there for whenever's someone making a Livestream Live, so most of us would probably catch it : D

psudonym, Sep 14, 2010, 08 pm

I saw the thread. And I do frequent the forums a bit now. If I ever do get to planning a stream related to Question Duck, I'll be sure to mention it in the thread.

mildtarantula, Sep 15, 2010, 06 am

question duck is so adorable, he always looks so happy :D

vapidity, Sep 15, 2010, 08 am

This comic is just too cute! And your coloring is to die for <3

Mr.Brickwithfeet, Sep 15, 2010, 08 am

This is y you should never feed strange ducks.

And I don't know the exact number, but I'm pretty sure it was enough 4 him 2 win.

BAM!, Sep 15, 2010, 10 am


1,865,908. This quack needs to discover google

GABRIELSTHOUGHTS (Guest), Sep 15, 2010, 10 pm


Answer:I don't know, but I'm pretty sure the confederate states had no say in who was elected.

Hunterkirizaki, Sep 18, 2010, 11 pm

The girls look so cute with the sudden expression change. Duck, you do it again with the cute!

Answer! (Guest), Dec 03, 2010, 09 pm

I know this!

About 55 percent popular vote. Quite a few Southern states did not include him on the ballot, but he still won. Hence the Southern states leaving the Union. Just went over this is history class!

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