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psudonym, Sep 29, 2010, 10 pm

For the curious.

"Slowly crossing the deck from the scuttle, Ahab leaned over the side, and watched how his shadow in the water sank and sank to his gaze, the more and the more that he strove to pierce the profundity. But the lovely aromas in that enchanted air did at last seem to dispel, for a moment, the cankerous thing in his soul. That glad, happy air, that winsome sky, did at last stroke and caress him; the step-mother world, so long cruel - forbidding - now threw affectionate arms round his stubborn neck, and did seem to joyously sob over him, as if over one, that however wilful and erring, she could yet find it in her heart to save and to bless. From beneath his slouched hat Ahab dropped a tear into the sea; nor did all the pacific contain such wealth as that one wee drop."

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Mangaka_Yuki, Sep 29, 2010, 10 pm

Once you get enough, make a book of this. And I will buy one for all of my family and friends. And then three for me. That's how much I want this comic in book form.

Profanity00, Sep 29, 2010, 10 pm

Because they're not circles. Or triangles. Or diamonds.

Jazeki, Sep 29, 2010, 11 pm

Because all the other shapes were taken?

Profanity00, Sep 29, 2010, 11 pm

@Jazeki: Exactly!

Akiaa, Sep 30, 2010, 02 am

because you can easily recognize them from behind at the crossing

boldwager, Sep 30, 2010, 06 am

The second panel is pretty much the cutest thing ever. :D

mildtarantula, Sep 30, 2010, 06 am

gotta agree with boldwager! haha my dogs do that when they want my attention and i'm reading >w< you should definitely collect all these together into a little book.

Mangaluver, Sep 30, 2010, 07 am


Or a large book. :D

magi, Sep 30, 2010, 01 pm

reading a old book in new release section. :p

webcomiclover, Oct 26, 2010, 06 pm


The duck asked about Melville in another strip.

That probably doesn't mean anything.

Asaryn, Nov 07, 2010, 01 pm

The economics of material and the need for different signs to be distinguishable.

Thrudd, Feb 09, 2011, 10 am

More the latter - the sign has to be distinguishable from any other sign from the front or back.
All other signs are either rectangles (information) triangles (cautions) or diamonds (warnings) but leave it to the British to use circles to help muck things up.

Oh, only sign is Quebec or Canadian military bases use the word Arrete instead of stop. Yes even France uses STOP on a stop sign if the word is used at all.

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